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We have over 8 million customers, and our mission is to make sure every time a customer contacts us, they can count on it being an enjoyable, easy and consistent experience. 

Things run pretty smoothly around here. So when our customers come up against a snag or an issue, our Customer Relations team is on it. No fuss. No hassle. Just solutions. 

We're experts when it comes to tackling problems. We know the business inside out, so we take setting things straight in our stride. We take ownership of problems – and we're not happy until the problem is solved. Getting to the heart of the issue, building rapport and, deep down, caring that issues are resolved, is what we do best – which all goes towards making for happy, satisfied customers.

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Lynn's Career at Three.

Boxes are for lunch, tools, moving house and sparkly diamond rings. So we won't put you in one. Wherever you want to go with your career, we'll help you get there. There are many paths to explore. See the ones others have taken here.

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The many faces of Three.

They say it takes all sorts to make the world turn. We think they’re right. Meet some of the great people that work here.

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